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07-18 GM 1500 Mazzulla Stage 3 Mid Travel Kit with Adjustable King Shocks

07-18 GM 1500 Mazzulla Stage 3 Mid Travel Kit with Adjustable King Shocks

LTW Motorsports

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Revolutionize your 07-18 GM 1500's off-road capability with our meticulously curated Stage 3 kit—an elite solution engineered for uncompromising precision and dominance in the toughest terrains. This comprehensive package boasts top-tier components, including Mazzulla billet control arms, King shocks, and the option to elevate your setup with the optional Deaver Mini pack.

Which OEM Control Arms do You Have?

Key Components in the Kit:

Mazzulla Billet Control Arms (MZS-C1-2B or MZS-C1-3B)

  • Elevate control and strength with Mazzulla's billet control arms, meticulously crafted for durability, precise alignment, and enhanced suspension response.

King 25001-148AEXT Front Shocks

  • Experience unmatched damping, fade resistance, and ride quality with King 25001-148AEXT shocks, meticulously tuned to tackle the challenges of off-road adventures.

King 25001-154A Rear Shocks

  • Ensure stability and control across the most rugged terrains with King 25001-154A rear shocks, providing optimal damping and performance in challenging off-road conditions.

Optional: Deaver Mini Pack

  • Fine-tune your off-road ride with the optional Deaver Mini Pack, allowing personalized adjustments to match your driving preferences and achieve optimal suspension balance.

Transform your 07-18 GM 1500 into an off-road beast with our Stage 3 kit—where Mazzulla precision, King shock excellence, and optional customization converge for a ride that surpasses off-road expectations. Conquer every trail with confidence, control, and unparalleled performance.

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