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ICON Long 2.5 Coil Wrap w/Logo (14.5-15.5)

ICON Long 2.5 Coil Wrap w/Logo (14.5-15.5)


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ICON Shock Wraps are a must have for vehicles that see Extreme Weather Conditions or Dirty / Muddy Off-Roading more often then not. These neoprene coil over shock protection covers offer an added layer of resistance keeping dirt, mud, grime, snow, harsh road salts / spray's and rocks from getting to the shock shafts or seals. This added layer of protection helps prevent damage like shaft pitting and cut seals that require you to have your shocks rebuilt prematurely. ICON Shock Wraps velcro on in seconds, and have a nice form fit with elastic banded ends to give you the most protection possible.
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