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ICON 2005+ Ford Super Duty Radius Arm System

ICON 2005+ Ford Super Duty Radius Arm System


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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Ford F-250 & F-350 Super Duty Radius Arm System is designed with adjustable caster cams for use with 2.5-3” lifts with the radius arm installed in the factory pivot, eliminating the need for caster bushings. When used in conjunction with an ICON radius arm drop bracket system, proper caster can also be maintained for 4.5” and 7" lifts, including coilover conversion systems. They feature a sealed pivot bushing that minimizes road feedback and ensures a long life and quiet operation. Additionally, their fabricated, fully boxed design ensures strength and utilizes a profile optimized for tire clearance at full steering lock, making a 37” tall tire clear without coming in contact with the radius arm.
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