OE replacement Struts that not only adjust ride height but also give you better on road and off road performance. These struts give you anywhere from 1.75" to 2.6" of height while keeping the suspension cycling in its Factory Specifications therefore not putting extra wear and tear on your factory components. ie. Ball Joints / Tie Rods. Always a good idea to replace rear shocks to help ride quality in the rear of your vehicle as well. Looking to get height and level out your truck without sacrificing your ride, without losing driveability, and without putting extra wear and tear on your factory components, this is your solution.


For those wanting to not only add height to their trucks but also gain performance, drive ability, extra wheel travel, and added strength for all adventure types. (On Road / Overland / Desert) These systems are designed just for that, Replacing your front struts with a Coil Over that is adjustable in height from 1.5" - 3.5" allowing us to run a larger wheel and tire. Coil Overs will also give your vehicle more wheel travel (most applications) allowing a much more comfortable ride on both the street and off-road. Coil Overs available for most newer vehicle applications; non reservoir with a reservoir and with a reservoir and compression adjusters to really help you fine tune your ride quality no matter the road conditions. Pair these with an Upper Control Arm that will handle the added travel and harsh conditions we put the vehicle through & allow alignments to be put back into Factory Spec "or better". Don't forget about the back. To really compliment the front we also offer Top Tier rear shock setups ranging from a 2" diameter shocks w/ or without reservoir to a 2.5" diameter rear shocks available in reservoir and reservoir with compression adjusters. Many Performance Rear lift options are available as well depending on application.


Looking to take your Vehicle to the Next Level? We offer complete Long Travel solutions that add 3"-3.5" of width to the front of your vehicle. This will provide more stability and travel to the front end of your vehicle that not only make it ride like a dream on the street but will allow you to really push the limits in the dirt. We pair these suspension systems with top tier coil overs and optional bypass shocks for maximum control of the front end while hitting obstacles off road. We only use quality systems that are proven through years of R&D and dirt miles. Need help in the rear? We have solutions via long travel leaf springs, shackles, and bed cages that use longer stroke shocks allowing for more droop and compression to assure a complete build from front to back. Many other things to think about when building a truck of this caliber like Fiberglass Fenders to allow full suspension travel with out rubbing, extended axles for 4wd applications, and many other upgrades / needs depending how capable you want to build your vehicle.